The Hitchcock E​.​P.

by Cheap Jazz

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released January 2, 2010



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Cheap Jazz UK

"Cheap Jazz are renowned for providing a set with "Twisty Turny Riffs and other devilry", and that they do but their live performance holds so much more. An impressive ambitious raucous set blending a structured balance of math rock, fun rock and post rock.
Cheap Jazz are without a doubt a refreshing band.
Must see live for you to truly embrace what they are all about."
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Track Name: Rear Window
Here lie the broken bones of L.B. Jefferie's
six weeks down and one to go
boredom struck, cant get the itch
I'll watch the neighbours worry about their woes

Lisa Carol Freemont, our love interest
never wears the same dress twice
and the song writer plays his song
as if its written especially for us
a smash
a bang
a scream!

he leaves
black mac
cream hat
silver briefcase then he's home

He wraps the knife, he wraps the saw
he wraps the rope in newspaper
and buries them
under the flowers in the yard
he packs a case with all her things
and doesn't think they'll notice that she's gone

The killers out the house
so Lisa freemont sees her chance
turns and runs
but the killers now on top of them
L.B.Jefferies grabs and fires his flash gun
Track Name: Rope
check for a pulse
open up the chest
don't put on the light
lets smoke a cigarette
its the darkness that's got you down
shame we couldn't do it in the bright sunlight
now David didn't die on the battlefield
this calls for a glass with the bubbles
even though
try to straighten out
before they arrive

watching through the swing door
the rope dropped in a kitchen draw
she never knows when she's being funny
he is the man with impatience
for social conventions making his entrance
slowly through
through the room
he greets the dull crew

these hands will bring you great fame
so farewell to Philip, therefore champagne
Mrs Attwater's pissed again
approve?, you may and i do
onto dessert ,still no word from D.K.
but chivalry rears its ugly head again, yeah!
bind the books with the weapon
as the metronome sways

now who's that calling at the door?
Cadelle left a case that was never there before
with him in this condition
your teasing my suspicions.... so
the right hand stays resting
on the trigger, as easy as
serving food from a grave
pyramid facts into wild fantasies
Track Name: Frenzy
lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely.

you spilled your load all over the road, oh no!